Membership Requirements

It's easy to join our club!
Just come to a meeting!


To join the club, you attend four activities, which include meetings, hikes, work weekends at the lodge, and any other club-sponsored event. For each activity you attend, you'll have a club officer sign your "hospitality card"


After you get four signatures, you will fill out an membership application and have it signed by your Ramapo sponsor (who can even be someone you meet at a meeting).

Once your membership application has been approved (an easy thing), you'll become an associate member after paying a one-time initiation fee and the annual club dues.

To become a full member (a member who can vote in club elections), you will take a basic skiing (downhill or nordic) or snow board skills test (the "bronze" test) within two years.

One time Initiation fee:

single: $75, single parent: $125, couple: $125 Family: $175.

Annual dues

See Renewal Form