New Instructor's Program

Instruction program at Ramapo

RMSC welcomes the entire club Snowsport Instructor staff

who will be helping our Club members and their guests with their skiing and snowboarding improvement goals during our 2015 Instruction Weekend (IW) on January 10th and 11th at Pico, VT.

RMSC Instruction Weekend Committee will be holding ski instructor's skills and safety procedures review on January 8th at 7:00 PM, one hour before the start of our club meeting.
On Saturday January 10th, 2015: All participating RMSC Ski and Snowboard Instructors are urged to meet at Pico Base Lodge at 9:30 AM for an on-snow ITC (Instructors´ Training Clinic) and mountain slope familiarization runs led by Larry Dean and Lumo Tsungu.
Ski and Snowboard Instructors will begin instructing club members from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Saturday January 10th, 2014 and from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon on Sunday January 11th, 2015

Exception: Participating Club members who are "Never Evers and Beginners" will be receiving Two hour instructions on both Saturday and Sunday Mornings beginning at 10:00 AM meeting at an area (to be determined) - watch this space!
Larry Dean Presentation at RMSC Thursday meeting, Jan 8th, 2015
Larry Dean is coming out East again from Colorado to join our RMSC
Instruction team for Instruction Weekend at Pico, Jan. 10 & 11th, 2015.

Larry is a member of Ramapo and PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America) Level III who regularly instructs at Vail, Colorado. Before we all head off for Instruction Weekend, Larry will give a valuable presentation at the Thursday meeting on Jan 8th. His presentation
Thank you and we look forward for another successful weekend,
Lumo Tsungu, IW Chair