Uniform Tests

What is it?

To ensure that all Ramapo members have the requisite skills to keep from injuring themselves and others, we have instituted a basic "Bronze" test to evaluate a new member's skills. A new member has two years to pass the test, and may take it as many times as necessary. Passing this test is required for full voting membership. In the case of a hardship or special situation, the member may petition the Board of Directors for an extension in order to pass the test. For those members interested in upgrading their skills, our Instruction program members can work with a member to acheive higher levels; an intermediate "Silver" test, and ultimately, the advanced "Gold" test. Requirements listed below:

Bronze (basic) Test

All skills will be demonstrated by the test judge.

Silver (intermediate) Test

Two qualified judges needed and a race course.

Gold (advanced) Test

To be given by previous Gold Test recipients.

You may discuss the current requirements with the Uniform Test Committee Chair, currently Angel Fraile Lax. Previous Gold recipients may be found in the club roster.

There are many members qualified to give the bronze Test. It is often available at the lodge or at a local ski area. It is necessary to become a voting member. One of the requirements for continued Membership in Ramapo is to take the test within two years of joining.