About Ramapo Mountain Ski Club

If you are a skier, cross-country or Nordic, or a snowboarder, you've come to the right place! We are a club of more than two hundred avid skiers and boarders, from children through octogenarians, we are singles, couples, and families, we are from every walk of life. We are united in our love of skiing and boarding; and we are active all year round as cyclists, golfers, hikers, kayak/canoeists and campers. We have a great group - and we are always looking for people who enjoy the same things to join with us!


club lodge

We own a 40-bed lodge at Mad River Glen in Vermont, but if you want to ski "locally", you can always find a group to ski with. Through our connections with the New Jersey Ski Council, we often are able to obtain discount tickets for our members, and frequently local ski shops will give discounts to club members. If you are a beginner, or want to ski again after years of being away, we have an outstanding Instruction Program that can take you from that first snowplow through racing. And if ski racing is your thing, we have a very active in inter - and intra - club racing program, we have the trophies to prove it!

Come to a meeting and check us out. Speak with our members about their experiences. Come and spend a weekend skiing with us at our lodge. We bet that you will want to be a part of Ramapo too!